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Golden Steel Plate

Best Competitions Worldwide

The Global Organisation of Line Dance, the name speaks for itself.


GOLD is an organisation that connects Line Dancers worldwide to do what they love most: dance. When we say Line Dancers worldwide we mean it: GOLD isn't only an organisation for competitors, it is to gather and have fun on the dancefloor for some social dancing as well. Our events will provide the best of both worlds: workshops and parties mixed with competition, always at the highest standard with international choreographers and instructors working hand in hand with the best judges. Line Dance has evolved into a diverse mix of dancing styles and techniques over the past few decades.

Think Latin, Ballroom, Hiphop or West Coast Swing, as a Line Dancer you get to do it all. It's a universal language of dance that allows us to share our passion with others, wherever we are on the globe. GOLD invites you into the community and onto the dancefloor.

  We Are Here For You 

  We Stand For Quality

  Competitions   All Over The Globe

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