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The Global Organisation of Line Dance; the name speaks for itself. GOLD is an organisation that connects Line & Couples Dancers worldwide to do what they love most, DANCE. It has been created by dancers, for dancers. We strongly believe that after these challenging pandemic times, dancers need to find their way back to the dance floor and support each other more than ever. 



the core value of the GOLD Organisation is what connects us all: the love of dance. The organisation has the mission to give the dancers an opportunity to thrive within their passion for line dance and couple dance. For that purpose, competitions will be held hand in hand with social dancing. Many workshops, parties and fun will also be proposed, with the collaboration of high-class international choreographers, instructors and judges, to make every single GOLD event a special experience. GOLD already involves several events in Europe, and more events are upcoming all over the globe.

Image by Antoine Schibler

Besides, the GOLD organisation commits to provide dancers with the best quality of dances and music, constantly kept up to date by a motivated and dedicated team of dancers. Moreover, fair rules were created, adapted to the needs of dancers as well. 

The organisation was built out of a considerable collective effort and developed with a lot of care, under the values of communication and respect. We will keep improving the GOLD organisation as best as possible, this is only the beginning.


Will you be the next one joining us?

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